Iconic Office Lunch & Learn Series

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Branding For Business Talk

In February, we took part in the Iconic Offices Lunch & Learn series. We spoke about 6 key insights to assist in building a strong, and compelling brand for your business. Creating content (and then delivering!) a 45-minute workshop was a daunting yet ultimately very rewarding task.    

Rhatigan & Hick site is live!

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Rhatigan and Hick Website Background Image

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of the new Rhatigan & Hick website: www.rhatiganandhick.ie The goal with the new website is to provide visitors an engaging way to learn about Rhatigan & Hick and their unreserved, no non-sense love for fine furniture, craftwork and design. Current and prospective clients will find useful information… Read more »

Does your brand have a voice?

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Is it hard to explain who you are and what you do? Or tough to describe why someone should choose you instead of a competitor? If a potential customer asks, “what’s in it for me?” could you answer easily? Does your website’s home page quickly confirm who you are, what you offer, and why to… Read more »

Good things come to those that wait

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Rebranding is a process of redesigning elements of the brand identity to realign your messaging and perception. This can include a new name, logo redesign, new colours, new messaging, and other core changes to the brand identity. Rebranding is not something that should be done often or lightly. However, when necessary, it can be a… Read more »