Drive the point home: UX and Wireframes in Drive-Thru Menu Design

By BrandNew Creative

In the fast-paced world of drive-thrus, a well-designed menu screen can make all the difference. The menu screen serves as the crucial first point of contact with customers.

Let’s explore why user experience (UX) design and wireframing are essential for creating an effective drive-thru menu screen.

The Importance of UX in Drive-Thrus

For customers on the go, a well-designed menu screen can significantly enhance the ordering experience. Good UX ensures that customers can quickly find their desired items, explore new options, and add complementary items with ease. This smooth interaction leads to faster ordering, higher satisfaction, and potentially increased sales of specialty items.

Braeburn Coffee Drive-Thru, Ashbourne

Wireframing: Crafting the Perfect Menu Layout

Wireframes act as the blueprint for menu screens, allowing designers to perfect the layout before implementation. Key considerations include:

  • Highlighting popular varieties and customisation options
  • Showcasing special selections
  • Organising breakfast and lunch items logically
  • Allocating space for daily specials and seasonal offerings
Wireframes for Braeburn Coffee Drive-Thru screens

Best Practices for Drive-Thru Menu Screens

To create a user-friendly experience, focus on:

  • Using clear, legible fonts that reflect the brand
  • Logically grouping items (hot drinks, cold drinks, food items)
  • Using colors that enhance readability and reflect the establishment’s atmosphere
  • Strategically featuring images of signature drinks and dishes
  • Maintaining a consistent design that aligns with the brand
Final screen designs for Braeburn Coffee Drive-Thru, Rathcoole

Impact on Drive-Thru Success

Investing in UX design and wireframing for drive-thru menu screens can result in:

  • Improved customer experience and loyalty
  • Faster service, reducing wait times during rush hours
  • Increased order accuracy, especially for complex orders
  • Higher sales of featured items and upsells
  • Stronger brand identity in a competitive market


We recently implemented these considerations when we designed the menu and pre-order screens for the new Braeburn Drive-Thru at Applegreen Rathcoole.  The objective was to make the customer journey as seamless as possible, which was aided by the process of wireframing.


By prioritising UX design and wireframing in our approach, we ensured that our menu screen provides a clear, inviting start to every customer’s journey. This approach not only enhances satisfaction but also sets the foundation for success in the drive-thru industry.