Amphis Beauty

Nature's ocean is the key to natural beauty


Irish health and beauty company Martin Biotech, run by founder and CEO Roz Martin has excitingly launched a new luxury range of marine nutricosmetics called Amphis which have been scientifically developed to offer a more comprehensive and holistic approach to maintaining skin, bone health, hair and nails while combating the effects of ageing from the inside.


As a result of consistently providing a select range of high-quality products to the global market for the past four years under the MedColl label, it was time to strategically drive business growth by bringing a new luxury brand to market, Amphis and positioning it alongside some of the world’s elite natural and organic cosmetic and skincare brands.


Focusing on the source of the natural ingredients, the majestic and alluring ocean, combined with the science and brand story, we created a premium brand identity and architecture with an aspirational visual presence that had subtle and elegant touches of fashion, beauty and wellbeing all-in-one.


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