Braeburn Coffee - Our Passion, Your Coffee


For many years, Applegreen has put everything in to building up and delivering an outstanding customer experience with their service stations. Whether you’re on the move for business or pleasure, they’ve worked hard to provide everything you need on the road. And when it comes to coffee, their customer focus is no different.

We’re proud to introduce Braeburn Coffee, demonstrating their commitment to making sure you get top quality coffee, all day every day. They’ve combined the freshness and vitality of their new brand with barista-level service to give you the very best of Applegreen in one high-quality cup.

Business Challenge

It’s a crowded marketplace, with an ever-growing breed of artisan coffee brands appearing in service station forecourts and shops across the nation – from the larger cities to small towns. We’re increasingly spoiled for choice.

Our challenge was to create a welcoming, energetic and imaginative identity for a new coffee brand within the Applegreen portfolio. It wasn’t just about formulating the right look or serving the best on-the-go coffee. It’s about creating a brand experience that speaks about the high-quality coffee and how good that makes people feel. It’s the experience, which gives a double-shot boost to the brand and encourages customer loyalty. Passion, mastery and dependability are some of the cornerstones of the strategic brand development and messaging for Braeburn Coffee.


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Leaf icon comes directly from the Applegreen logo
Detail from brand stylescape
Braeburn Coffee brand guidelines
Braeburn Coffee pattern for sandwich packaging
CGI of Braeburn coffee cart for Applegreen forecourts