A 21st century identity for a thousand-year-old drink


Started by friends, Paul and Luke, Aquachia combines their passion for sustainable sourcing, bespoke product design and of course, chia! The idea of mixing water with fresh chia seeds to make a nutritious drink dates back thousands of years. They have brought this drink into the 21st century by having 7.5 grams of fresh chia, grown on organically certified farms in the cap and ready to mix by the consumer. Check out their other product range – The Chia Collective which BrandNew also helped develop the brand identity.

Logo Design

Business Challenge

Aquachia is truly an original beverage that allows the consumer to dispense organic Mexican chia seeds into the liquid using innovative in-licensed dispensing bottle cap technology. Because of AquaChia’s innovative solution to having a fresh Chia Fresca drink, it was imperative to visually communicate the product within the logo design.


To reflect the innovative dispensing bottle cap and drink itself, we created a logo which accurately represents the drink in its purest form – chia seeds falling in a droplet of water. The packaging is modern and eye-catching with a window in the wrapping to see the mixing of water and chia seeds. Watercolour textures were used rather than a flat colour to add character and be more reflective of the product.


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Bottle Label Design
Bottle Label Design