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Revitalising a rock solid brand to compete at a world-class level

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Founded by William Diamond over 25 years ago, Diamond Furniture has built a nationwide reputation for stylish furniture and quality craftsmanship. Diamond Furniture boasts a 12,000-square-foot showroom full of exclusive designs, exciting ranges, and inspiring interiors.


For many businesses, a lot can — and does — change in just a matter of years. This was the case for Diamond Furniture, whose branding we revamped in 2018. Fast forward four busy years to 2023, and Diamond Furniture needed refreshed branding that would continue to elevate the brand to compete at a world-class level. 

When company goals involve competing on a global stage, branding requires consistent and continuous improvement, from in-store experiences to website innovations, multimedia assets, and prestigious ranges. Diamond Furniture needed to stand out amongst a crowded field in all areas in order to continue to attract its core customers.


We value our ongoing relationships with our clients, some of whom we have worked with for years. Collaborating with customers throughout different iterations of their branding, as we have with Diamond Furniture, allows us to really dig into their big-picture goals, push past pre-existing boundaries, and create something that truly reflects their deep-seated values. 

Last year, we worked directly with William Diamond to take yet another step toward international market leadership. We redesigned the website to include better functionality and highly visual photography to entice customers. We also helped Diamond Furniture achieve a better customer experience through the Design Bar, the Headboard Lab, and Will’s Bar. Developing the two bespoke Diamond brands, Will and Co and CUSTOM, ensured Diamond Furniture could reach a wider range of customers looking for a variety of price points. 

We knew that positioning the soul behind the Diamond Furniture brand would be critical to its success in the new iteration. We showcased William Diamond as the creative mind behind the brands and products and created a number of brand videos to communicate the story and process behind their design. Developing brand photography that could bring the people behind the brand to life allowed online customers to get a feel for the company’s values. 

And we’re proud to say that thanks in part to our branding efforts, Diamond Furniture won Store of the Year for two years running.

New Brand Identity
New logo in store and totem signage
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Diamond Furniture Brand Guidelines
Sub-brand design for Will and Co. - An exclusive collection for Diamond Furniture
Diamond Furniture New Range Sub-brand - Custom Collection
Custom Collection Branding - A range of customisable furniture
Diamond Furniture New Logo Design - Diamond Furniture, Will & Co, Custom Collection
"Amos and David are truly a great team. Their ability to offer clarity to the most complex of tasks, and execute with style, is what sets them apart."
William Diamond, Diamond Furniture