Fitzwilliam Design Partnership

A design team with a difference


With a wealth of over 15 years of experience in delivering bespoke, high-quality housing projects to the private market, the Fitzwilliam Design Partnership is a highly skilled and qualified professional design team, ranging from seasoned architects, interior designers, to brand and marketing strategists. They take full project design ownership from start to finish, offering all design services under one roof. Ultimately, they want to bring the wide-ranging benefits that their private clients enjoy, into the mass housing market.

Brochure Design

Business Challenge

Our challenge was to create and develop a new brand identity and communications that accurately reflects and represents each of the principals. Ultimately, the brand attracts new clients, which will enable FDP to dynamically drive and expand their unified and one-design team service across key location across Ireland.


Using the BrandNew Creative process, we created an identity that symbolises the seamless joining together of different design practices. In the brochure, each segment of the dashed line represents a stage of the design process. These range from planning to interior design and fit-out. Together they show the full range of services on offer – all under one roof.


Communications Development | Brand Naming | Brand Creation | Visual Identity | Brochure Design | Photography by Mark Nixon

Close-up of Logo