Made Personal – Brand Refresh

Breathing new life into Ireland’s leading gifting company


Made Personal provides premium personalised products to corporations, businesses and communities worldwide. With an artisan-to-customer approach to quality branded goods, Made Personal aims to delight every gift recipient with luxury, customised products. The revitalised brand needed to incorporate a shift toward corporate gifting.

Our Challenge

The company desired the brand to reflect the increasing interest from companies for corporate swag orders. Made Personal also sought to undertake an examination of the brand’s foundation with the goal of updating and modernising its identity.

The Solution

Through the course of our in-depth discovery workshops with Made Personal, we chose to lean into their time-honed strengths that have brought the company an ever-growing and impressive client list. This is built on unrivalled customer service, premium products, and on-time delivery. 

We helped Made Personal excavate the true value they bring to their clients. Not only do they create gifting options that over-deliver on their customers’ wishes, they enable others to fulfil their needs and make their roles easier. From HR managers, to team leads, to VPs, Made Personal takes a weight off everyone’s shoulders. 

Using the brand’s central moniker, we created a range of descriptive and visual naming systems that can be deployed through marketing channels, including Made Personal for Google, Meta, and even for you. Conversely, this branding can be reversed to reveal the personalised nature of the business, written as ‘The North Face…Made Personal’, ‘Keep Cup…Made Personal’. 

A vibrant and warm colour palette and on-site photo-shoot bring the Made Personal team’s personality and culture to the branding materials. Playful patterns signify how and where clients can personalise products, and a suite of icons delineate the extensive on-site inventory. An extensive set of brand guidelines will be used as the jumping-off point as the new brand is rolled out over the remainder of 2022. 

In summary, we dug under the surface to bring out Made Personal’s strengths and core values, highlighting the best their business offers with a flexible system of elements the team is excited to work with and build upon.

"The brand now reflects who we are as a company. Our vibrant and warm colour palette and on-site photoshoot has put the Made Personal team's personality on display. This has increased trust and conversions across the board."
Alan McCormack - Made Personal