Oriana B. – Brand Refresh

Establishing brand cohesion to highlight an interiors company’s biggest strengths


Oriana B. is an interiors company that offers a carefully-curated range of beautiful homewares, backed up by loyalty-building customer service. The creative forces behind Oriana B., founder Katharine Deas and creative director Alannah Monks, are driven by passion and inspired by a decades-long love for enduring, expertly-made furniture.


Having grown rapidly and successfully, Oriana B. was in need of strategic brand communications support that would help restore some of the original magic of the brand. This is a common challenge: quick growth can lead to a diluted brand that doesn’t feel true to its origins. 

Founder Katharine Deas reached out to us looking for assistance with developing brand strategy, improving the communication of their strengths to potential customers as well as increasing awareness of Oriana B.’s core values. 


These are the types of projects we can really sink our teeth into. Developing Oriana B.’s strengths as a business required properly getting to know the people behind the brand. To that end, we embarked on our Discover phase, where we unlocked the brand goals, gained a better understanding of the target audience, and delved into Oriana B.’s brand personality and positioning.

Once we built that base, we were able to refine the brand story and develop a communications plan that would utilise a single, cohesive tone of voice that could speak directly to that target audience.

Following on from the communications support, we developed a coherent brand that aligned with the Oriana B. values, personality, eclectic style, and target audience.

Designing and building the new Oriana B. website was no small task: it has to host over 900 unique homeware pieces and highlight the brand’s incredible product photography. In addition, we delivered brand guidelines, updated colour palettes, and social media and email templates that the Oriana B. team can use to leverage their branding across all their communications.

“We had a great experience with BrandNew Creative, they were patient and open to our ideas and we ended up with a very distinctive and unique visual representation of our brand!”


 Alannah Monks

Alannah Monks, Creative Director, Oriana B.