St. Mel’s Brewing Company

Brewing brilliant beer is their passion!


Established in 2013, St. Mel’s Brewing Company is an Irish-owned independent brewery based in Co. Longford, whose mission is to brew the highest quality beers from the best possible ingredients, combining innovation, passion, and tradition. While they’re undoubtedly serious about their beer, founders Eoin and Liam don’t take themselves too seriously. Nothing gives them greater joy than knowing that their beer is being enjoyed across the nation.

Business Challenge

The craft beer market is becoming saturated in Ireland, the UK and US, and it makes it harder for independent breweries to survive. Having not updated its brand identity since it launched in 2013, the team at St. Mel’s felt it was time for a change, the market place had evolved too, with craft-led beers growing in popularity and beer drinkers expecting more.

Our challenge lay in increasing brand differentiation against key competitors while capturing the brand heritage and balance with modern and contemporary relevance.

The new identity needed to focus on craftsmanship, reflect modern-day Ireland and allow the products to confidently compete in an urban market place while not alienating the existing craft beer customer. The St. Mel’s guys were keen to retain the shield shape and crozier symbol (hooked staff) which was part of the original logo, but they wanted to take more ownership of it.


Brand Strategy | Brand Refresh | Logo Design | Visual Identity Design | Packaging Design

Stylescapes presented to the client
We wanted to retain as much of the original identity as possible - The outer shield, the angle the St. Mel's crozier was held, and we even depicted St. Mel's actual crozier in the 'S'!
Logo and brand colours

“The guys took a real interest in our project from the start, listened to what we wanted and gave us many different options to choose from eventually distilling them down to our core vision. Highly recommended.”

Eoin Tynan – St. Mel’s Brewing Company