Wonder Label

Personalised name labels for the stuff kids lose


Wonder Label is an Irish family brand that want to help keep families organised. They sell washable personalised sticker labels for the stuff that kids lose. We used the the BrandNew Creative process to bring this product from idea to reality.

Logo Design

Business Challenge:

To create an identity that appeals to both adults and children. The brand name is ‘Wonderlabel’ so we needed to create a visual identity which captures a sense of wonder and fun.


Using the BrandNew Creative process, we were able to bring consistency to the messaging and the visual design throughout all communications, making it a joy to read for the target audience. The visual identity is fresh and trustworthy. It uses playful and colourful visual language which can be applied to images, patterns, labels etc. and comes directly from the logo adding consistency throughout the brand.


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Brand Guidelines
Illustration for www.wonder-label.com
The Wonder Label Product
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Visual Content Creation for Social Media