Ailbhe: Who, What, Where, When, Why.


Ailbhe – designer, podcast-lover and peach ice tea enthusiast.



I’m a Senior Designer here at BrandNew. I’ve worked with brands across various industries over the years, that’s required me to become a bit of a shapeshifter. Designing an identity that perfectly represents the personality of that brand. Well, that’s always the goal.  



Dublin born and bred. Dublin has always been my home (if you don’t count 6 months in France, where I decided that eating an entire baguette a day was a good idea.) I studied Visual Communication Design at TUD and have worked as a brand designer since. 



I graduated in 2018 and have five years of design agency experience. I started working with BrandNew in May. 



When I was younger, my logical and practical mind seemed to contradict my creative capabilities. So, when I discovered that you could combine those things and make a career in design out of it, it fit. 

I like solving other people’s problems. Probably not the best idea for my personal life, but definitely a great quality in the world of branding. A strategic mind, eye for detail and enjoyment of writing don’t hurt either.