Understanding where your brand needs to go is a key phase in any brand project

By Amos Unkovich

Today, most brands can reach out to their target audience through social media networks and websites and pitch their products or services. Given that the present consumer has many options to choose from, business owners have to try and grab their attention before others in your industry. This can be done effectively if you, as a business owner, know your brand well and invest in brand discovery.

Basically, to immediately make a positive impression on the consumer, you would need to develop effective branding and marketing strategies. Now, brand discovery can make it easier and simpler for businesses to find ways to appeal to their target customer.

What is Brand Discovery?

The big question here is what exactly does this term mean for businesses? It is the process of figuring out the brand’s purpose in the market and defining its target consumers. For example, a brand like Apple discovered that it would provide innovating and high-quality computing solutions. It narrowed down the target audience and began to market the products to people ranging from 18 to 45 years old.

Today, the company is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands across the globe. Basically, brand discovery covers everything from core values, mission statement, problem-solving and consumer feedback. So it is an extensive method that involves a lot of in-depth research and data collection.

Think of it this way. Once, you have an insight into your brand, you can build a better culture at your company and engage the consumer with a strong message from the beginning. According to a report, people can usually remember a brand after 5 to 7 impressions. With brand discovery, you can develop the best marketing techniques like video, social media networks or email lists.

When it comes to brand discovery, these are the common areas to focus upon:

Mission Statement

This involves defining and clarifying a mission statement for a business. It’s a short statement explaining why the company has been launched, its long-term goals, and the type of product or service it creates. Take Nike’s Mission statement, for example, here: ‘to inspire people and athletes’ around the world and make sustainable sportswear.

Products or Services that Sell the Most

By finding out which of the products or services are most popular with your consumers, you can get an insight into their preferences and interests. This will allow you to improve your items in the future.

Consumer Perception

It is basically what your customer thinks of your brand and how they view it. You can collect data through surveys, social media networks and website traffic. An analysis of all this information will help you figure out how people feel about your product or services.

There is also detailed competitor research that brands should carry out in brand discovery and successfully achieve their business goals.

Why is it Important?

Brand discovery can only put you at an advantage in the industry and help you overcome any challenges that could confuse consumers’ minds. By discovering particular elements of your brand, you can focus on branding strategies that highlight your product’s most appealing qualities or service.

This way, you can increase consumer engagement and connect with the average customer on an emotional level.