Brand Identity and Visual Design

By David Lawlor

Capturing the essence of your brand through an original, carefully conceived look-and-feel must be seen as making an essential business investment. One carefully designed identity will provide you with a cast-iron brand personality, giving your brand a platform to connect with your audience and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Through our in-depth creative process, we’ll begin by gaining a complete insight in to your business and industry sector. Our team of award-winning designers naturally combine their love for compelling artwork with the practicalities of business communications to create engaging, original work for digital and print.

From the start, we’ll work closely with you to deliver the visual style that matches your ambition and commercial goals, while seamlessly connecting with your audience.

Braeburn Coffee brand guidelines

3 Rules of Branding

1. Your Brand Should Resonate with Your Personal Values
If you want your core brand values to resonate with your customers, they need to include things you’re willing to fight for.

2. The Point of Difference
It’s all about finding your market niche. Identify a market need that’s not being met to set yourself apart from the other companies and dominate that niche.

3. Tell a Story
Does your product have a story behind it? What about your company? Stories are what make consumers feel connected with your organisation. By telling one, a company becomes more relatable, more meaningful, and more genuine. A brand’s value is not in the consumption of its products or services; instead, it’s communicating its logo, name, and story.