Brand Photography is often overlooked as a key touchpoint

According to research, people are likely to process images 60,000 times quicker than plain words or text. People are also more attracted to appealing imagery and visuals that they come across on the web, social media, or print. This is why brands need to engage with their audience through high-quality pictures and encourage them to explore their business. 

Since vibrant and relevant imagery attracts consumers and helps them become familiar with a brand, business owners must invest in brand photography. These are some of the reasons why it is so essential to the success of a brand. 

Makes the Visual Brand Identity Appealing 

Apart from logos, fonts, colours, and typography, the images and pictures are also a significant part of your brand’s visual identity. So you have to try and make sure that they represent your products in the best way possible and creatively show them. Brand photography can help you set up pictures relevant to your brand with the right colours, tone and placement. 

These images can be used on the website, social media networks, or any other channel that you want to use to promote your business. Take the example of Airbnb’s website below. The company has used appealing, warm, and friendly pictures to effectively connect with the target audience and convince them to make bookings. 

It Increases Consumer Engagement 

It has been established in a study that around 81 percent of the consumers research businesses and their products or services online before purchasing them. When people find impressive visuals and images, they want to know more about the brand and look up their products on the website or social media platforms. 

With brand photography, you can use impressive visuals and images to catch the consumer’s eye and increase engagement on your web page and Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. 

Makes the Brand Relatable and Accessible 

Basically, pictures are an excellent way to tell people about your brand, its story and share information about yourself and the work environment. Brand photography helps people get an idea of the brand’s purpose and associate with its message closely. 

Pictures that have a friendly tone, show positivity and people collaborating with each other make the brand relatable to consumers and makes them feel connected to the brand. Take a look at the Instagram account of Starbucks here. You can see how the company reaches out to its consumers through brand photography and encourages them to feel like they are part of the experience. 

Creates a Memorable First Impression

There is a higher chance of people remembering pictures images more than words. With high-quality and attractive pictures representing your brand, you can create a lasting and memorable impression from the very beginning. 

According to a report, it only takes people around 50 milliseconds to form an impression of a business from its design. So the quickest way to capture their attention and impress them is to use imagery that remains in memory and convinces a consumer to stay on the web page. 

Optimises a Website for Search Engines 

Basically, visual elements such as pictures are essential for search engine optimization or SEO. Google, for example, can improve the ranking of a website in search results if the images have the right keywords in alt descriptions and file names. 

It is how brand photography can actually help optimize your web page for search engines. Other than that, you can also make it easier for people to find your products with Google lens. 

Wrapping Up 

These are a few reasons why brand photography is essential and can help your brand grow. With images that instantly catch the eye, you can boost your website’s traffic and convert leads successfully. If your product pictures are convincing, consumers might be encouraged to return again too. In the end, brand photography could help increase your sales and reach a wider audience. 



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