How your brand communicates with your audience is key

By Amos Unkovich

Making a solid connection with your target audience can be a real challenge in an already busy, often cluttered marketplace. Every brand needs a unique communication style that should be consistently practised over time. People seek authentic brands with a clear story supported by an appropriate voice and tone that speaks to them.

All brands have a voice, and the great ones – ones that standout and sustain for decades, have a distinct personality that connects on a deeper level with their audience. To be effective, the personality should be cohesive and consistent across all touch-points: core messaging, copy-writing, imagery, advertising, website – everywhere.

Brand messaging provides the words for that voice that help customers and prospects understand your value (why you’re useful) and values (what you believe in). It articulates your brand’s promise and stimulates the desire for your products and services. Brand messages tell a story that gets people excited about what you offer and rally them behind your flag. In the war for customers’ hearts, messaging leads the charge.

Good brand messaging explains your value system. If you can’t tell people what you’re about, you can’t expect them to tell other people what you’re about. You need to be able to synthesize your entire history, your services, your purpose and why you’re better than the competition in just a few sentences or paragraphs.

So how do you get there, and how can we help?

For starters, stop thinking your new/old/fresh logo will resonate with your customer base. Logos don’t resonate. Stories resonate. And logos reinforce.

We create messages to address different needs. Crafting messages that are concise, easy to understand and that together tell a coherent story can be a lot trickier than you think. We’ll help you be true to yourself and develop a consistent way to communicate. We’ll ensure you have a clean and crisp tone of voice to deliver your marketing message with accuracy.

Here’s an insight into our process and what you will get from our in-depth Communications Strategy Development Report:

  • Messaging Theory
  • Tone and Voice Recommendation
  • Message Definition & Recommendation
  • Brand Naming
  • Unique Selling Proposition (Elevator Pitch)
  • The Real Brand Story
  • New Tagline to Support Offering

After you’ve gone through the process with us of developing messages targeted at different audiences, you’ll be a lot better prepared to explain your brand. And once you’ve found your voice, you’ll discover that people suddenly do a lot more listening. Get in touch with us today, as we’re always happy to talk about how we can help bring clarity to your brand and reveal its true voice.