Do you struggle to write briefs?

By BrandNew Creative

When it comes to branding, design, marketing, and conveying your message effectively, a creative brief becomes your compass. It is a tool to communicate your product or service, target audience, and marketing objectives to an agency. Remember that your brief serves as the first impression of your business, so clarity and conciseness are essential.

According to a survey by Ad Age, 52% of agency marketers expressed dissatisfaction with the quality and consistency of briefs. A clear brief effectively communicates your wants for the project, creating a smoother and more efficient process for everyone involved.

Here are some key questions we ask our clients when discussing a brief: 


What is the challenge that this brief aims to tackle?
Ultimately, what do we want to achieve by completing this project? 


Who is the target audience?
Who are they? What generation do they belong to, and what interests do they have? 


Have you thought about your customer insights?
By completing this project, what do we want the customers to think, feel and do? 


Do you have any ideas for the overall look and feel?
What are the design’s key features that you want to draw out? Do you have any references that have inspired you?

By following these steps, you’ll create a brief that’s informative and comprehensive. This process ensures that your agency truly understands your brand and can complete it, and you can rest assured that your vision and message are in capable hands. 

Any briefs you’d like to chat about? We’re always happy to talk through them. Get in touch.