Does your brand have a voice?

By Ailbhe Diskin

Is your brand’s voice truly distinct? Struggling to define your identity and communicate your unique value? Finding it challenging to articulate why you’re superior to competitors? When potential customers ask, “What’s in it for me?” can you respond without hesitation? Does your website’s homepage swiftly convey your identity, offerings, and reasons to choose you?

Brand voice of Wondercru

Many clients confide in us that they’re excited about venturing into branding but grapple with that initial step. They sense their businesses are evolving, leaving them uncertain about where they stand. Describing their current endeavours becomes a puzzling task.

Defining your voice is a crucial step in the branding process. Our favourite way to extract this voice is by participating in a Brand Messaging Sprint. This involves sitting down with an experienced copywriter and exploring your brand’s values, personality traits and target audience. This allows them to craft a Brand Messaging Document which explores your brand’s messaging and tone of voice. This document can be used to guide a brand’s voice in the future. 

Likewise, you might think a logo alone suffices, magically capturing the thought and passion invested in your work. However, what truly matters is well-anchored brand messaging.

Brand voice of G5® Haute Cosmétiques

Every brand craves a distinctive voice. Messaging breathes life into this voice, enabling customers and prospects to grasp both your value (utility) and values (beliefs). It distils your brand’s commitment and kindles desire for your offerings. These messages spin a narrative that ignites enthusiasm for your products or services, uniting people under your banner. Amid the battle for customer loyalty, messaging takes the lead. The above visuals for WonderCru and G5® Haute Cosmétiques are examples of how a brand’s personality can be communicated through brand voice.

Effective brand messaging unveils your value system. If you can’t articulate your essence, how can you expect others to champion it on your behalf?

You must distil your entire history, services, purpose, and competitive edge into a concise passage of a few sentences or paragraphs. It’s about conveying a nuanced story with brevity, one that resonates and compels action. Rest assured, with the right messaging, your brand’s tale will not just be told; it will be embraced and celebrated.


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