There are some Marketing Channels that should not be overlooked

By David Lawlor

Digitalisation has led to more marketing opportunities in today’s day and age, helping small businesses increase consumer reach and engagement via email and social media platforms. However, it has become more critical for such companies to focus on the right one with more networks and channels. 

While online purchases have grown hugely in the past few years, from 1.6 billion in 2016 to 2.14 billion in 2021, in-store or physical shopping is still going strong. So, in the end, as a small to a midsize business owner, you need to think about marketing channels that range from digital to traditional. 

These are a few effective platforms that you should consider for marketing your products or services. 

Social Media Networks

According to a report, around 54 percent of social media users actively research products and services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Given that, small business owners need to have a strong social media presence and actively reach out to their target audience.

However, you should carefully pick the appropriate platform where your audience will be found. Otherwise, you might not be able to make a difference in your sales and revenue.

Research says that most young adults prefer to use Instagram or Facebook more than any other network to connect with brands. So if your target audience is between the ages of 18 to 30 years, you should focus on marketing your products or services through those platforms.


With a minimal investment in producing high-quality content in blogs, you can engage your target audience successfully, boost traffic and increase conversions on your website. Companies such as Buffer have also made good use of guest blogging or posting, which allowed them to boost their web presence and gain users from other websites.

The business also has its own blog, which gives unique insights to visitors and highlights the challenges that Buffer has faced over the years. American Express is another example of effective content marketing through blogs where the open channel allows users to share ideas, opinions and tips on different subjects.

Local Listings

This can help you increase your reach within the area where the business is located. Think of it this way. When consumers research a product or service, they usually want to pick something closer to them and easily accessible. One of the best ways to market your product to a local audience is to get listings in localised search engine results that show your business.

You can get the business listed with Facebook Marketplace, Google My Business, Yelp or Apple Maps. It will help you convince the consumer that the product or service is credible and trustworthy as well.

Community Participation

It is an offline marketing channel that could help you boost your community’s visibility and reach out to consumers who may not be active on the internet. So you can try sponsoring a local sports tournament or collaborate with a charity that is closely associated with your community.

As a small business, networking within your business place may be great for spreading brand awareness and getting out a positive word of mouth.

To Sum Up

These are a few marketing channels that may prove to be useful for your small business. By selecting the right ones, you might attract consumers, generate higher traffic and increase sales successfully.