Insight 4 – Make your Brand Unique

By Amos Unkovich

What do you want your brand to be, a chameleon or a unicorn? How do you truly make your brand unique?

The marketplace is becoming more and more congested with brands fighting for a larger piece of the pie, for the attention of customers, media and viral status. With new competitors, evolving customer tastes, disruptive new technologies and many other factors altering the dynamics of the marketplace, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to be seen and listened to over the herd.

Guinness Ad Campaign - Made of More - Congo Sapeurs

While there are many opinions as to which is the best strategy to adopt, we would encourage the ‘unicorn’ approach – stand out to not blend in. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that your brand architecture will not be agile and adapt when the market shifts, consumers diversify, or the economy is impacted by an anomaly like COVID-19. This strategic approach focuses on your core foundation to establish and consistently promote your identity, uniqueness and point of difference. It works to elevate your brand positioning and offering above the competition with the ability to modify and adapt accordingly.

So, how can you become a unicorn?

Here are four tips that can help create that unique point of difference and really separate you from the competition:

1. We love stories

Storytelling can be a powerful way to bring your brand to life and create uniqueness. People are most interested in people, not things. A good story can illustrate what you do and how you do it, it can show what you believe in and feel passionate about.

2. We want personality

People buy from people, so making a brand more likeable and personable gives a customer the reassurance and pleasure of interacting and engaging with you. Define your brand’s character as if your brand was a person and intertwine those personality traits throughout your visuals, messaging and content. Are you traditional, stylish, helpful, glamorous or feisty?

3. We want an experience

Marty Neumeier defines the brand experience as “all the interactions people have with a product, service, or organisation; the raw material of a brand.” Work diligently on providing your customer with a unique and engaging experience at every touchpoint on their terms, and you will earn their appreciation, trust and attention – in a nutshell, their brand loyalty.

4. We want your strengths

Keep your focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to pigeonhole yourself by being a brand that specialises in a unique skill set as opposed to one that offers everything. Focus on the core products or services that you’re best at and have the most experience providing your customers with. You’ve heard it before – you can’t be all things to all people.

A strong brand identity can mean the difference between your company succeeding beyond your wildest dreams or failing miserably. The good news is that whether you succeed or fail is in your hands. Are you ready to get started?

Make sure to check out the next article in the series—Insight 5 – Be Consistent will be published on the 1st June.


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