Is your brand inconsistent?

By BrandNew Creative

Consistency lies at the core of a strong brand. Imagine it as that steadfast friend who’s there no matter what. The guiding force maintains your brand’s course, rain or shine. Embracing consistency means you’re investing strategically in your brand’s value. As time goes on and your reputation grows, you’re holding onto something incredibly valuable.

Now, let’s delve into the details of achieving consistency. It’s like conducting an orchestra—your brand’s look, feel, tone, and communication should all work harmoniously. Every touchpoint should sync up seamlessly, whether it’s your business cards, your website’s online presence, or compelling ad campaigns.

Here’s a valuable tip: Don’t fly solo on this. Enlist a seasoned branding pro to assist you in carrying out a brand audit. 

A brand audit evaluates and analyses a brand’s visual elements and assets to assess its consistency, effectiveness, and alignment with the desired brand image. This exercise aims to identify any inconsistencies, weaknesses, or opportunities for improvement in the brand’s visual identity. By conducting an audit, you can gain valuable insights into how your brand is perceived and make informed decisions to strengthen and align your brand’s visual identity with its overall business goals and objectives.

Brand guidelines are another key resource to ensure consistency across your brand. These guidelines lay down the law on everything from your logo’s swagger to the fonts’ fancy footwork. It’s the North Star that keeps your brand’s ship sailing true. (See Oriana. B Brand Guidelines below.) 

Oriana B. Brand Guidelines

Now, addressing the elephant in the room: maintaining brand consistency isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more like a well-coordinated dance. But believe us, it’s worth the effort.

Here’s the thing: when brand consistency falters, your message becomes muddled. Trust wavers and your brand’s impact diminishes. Remember that while the world keeps evolving, remarkable brands remain steadfast amidst the chaos. Anyone can create products, but forging a brand? That’s where the true magic resides. So, embrace that consistency flag and let it fly high!