Isabella: Who, What, Where, When, Why.


Isabella – half German design intern who’s just happy to be here. 



BrandNew’s design intern. During my time here I’ve been immersed into the world of branding through strategy and design and have enjoyed every second.



Dublin based (well technically Bray) and if not in Dublin probably in Germany. 



I graduated with a first in Visual Communications Design from IADT in 2023 and started working with BrandNew in March 2024. 


Prior, I had been working with Enterprise Ireland as a Research and Design Lead and had completed two other internships in a Dublin based marketing agency and a German design studio. 



I’ve always been creative (and in turn really bad at Maths) but found it difficult to pinpoint exactly which creative field I wanted to study. I ended up a designer as it offered the most variety in what I get to do from research to final delivery – I get to dip my toes in all areas. 


I enjoy many aspects of the design process and the different kinds of creativity you get to utilise throughout, so I find it difficult to choose specific disciplines I like most. I’ve always enjoyed problem solving, story-telling and anything typographic.


BrandNew offers the perfect experience in both the strategy and the design side of things which is ideal as I love doing a bit of both. I got a ‘behind the scenes look’ into the team’s incredible process, which I have learned a lot from.


Next, I’m excited to further my career in the branding field and continue to delve into the exciting opportunities it has to offer.