New Perspectives – Miller Brothers Stone

By David Lawlor

COVID-19 has had an effect on businesses in Ireland (and pretty much everywhere across the globe). For some, it’s simply about survival. For others, it’s a real opportunity to refocus on why they do what they do. This series of posts aims to help other business owners see different ways of thinking, reflect on their own business and think of how they can adapt.


Give us a brief introduction to your business?

Our company is Miller Brothers Stone, and we are based in Rathnew Co. Wicklow. We have been in business since 2004. We create beautiful worktops, floors and surfaces with craft and precision, we awaken stone, allowing it to reach its true potential.

What’s the most important thing for your business to focus on at this moment?

Regardless of everything, we are still able to provide clients with quotes for future orders. There are no businesses in Ireland that have been unaffected by this situation, so the whole country is united in its efforts to beat this virus.

What’s most important to your customers right now?

We want to offer reassurance to our customers that this situation will pass. When it has, we will be able to fulfil all existing orders that have had to be put on hold due to the restriction. We have ample stock stored waiting and ready to be used to create your dream stone surface. Miller Brothers are also still taking quotes for future orders.
Paris townhouse project

From a business perspective, do you think there will be any positive changes as a result of the crisis?

The pandemic has taught us that flexibility is something that can be achieved. We now understand more about offering office staff the option of working from home, meaning we can cut down the amount of time wasted in commuting.

When this has passed, what are you most looking forward to?

We are most looking forward to getting back into the routine of serving clients, manufacturing premium worktops and offering unrivalled customer service. The office life and meeting our clients face to face are also two things we are excited about. Getting back to work and normality will feel like a blessing.

You can visit Miller Brothers here