New Perspectives – Stork and Co

By David Lawlor

COVID-19 has had an effect on businesses in Ireland (and pretty much everywhere across the globe). For some, it’s simply about survival. For others, it’s a real opportunity to refocus on why they do what they do. This series of posts aims to help other business owners see different ways of thinking, reflect on their own business and think of how they can adapt.


Give us a brief introduction to your business?

Here at Stork & Co (previously The Stork Box), we are problem solvers. Founder, Sophie is tinkering through motherhood to create innovative products you parents can’t live without for their little ones. Along with sister Dr Vicky O’Dwyer, our mission is to relieve parenting stresses one household at a time. We offer a unique range of clothing and accessories and as well as gorgeous gift boxes, all available online. We have been in business for two and a half years now and have evolved since inception. But, we are excited for what is to come…

What’s the most important thing for your business to focus on at this moment?

We are focusing on our online store as well as continuing to develop our new range of products. Our summer collection is due to arrive in 4 weeks. We are lucky in that our factory in Turkey is still operating safely. So, we are able to move along with all of our new organic pieces which we hope our new and existing customers will all love as much as we do!

What’s most important to your customers right now?

We have two types of customers — parents who are looking to buy quality products conveniently. Then we have the gift buyer, who wants to share in the joy of new babies arrival by gifting something special!

From a business perspective, do you think there will be any positive changes as a result of the crisis?

I believe that even more people are going to start shopping online and for those who already do buy online, they will start to buy even more items which they might not have thought to buy online before. We hope that this surge can grow our family run business.

When this has passed, what are you most looking forward to?

Seeing my family, friends and their kids and giving them all lots of hugs!

You can visit Stork and Co here