Oodles of Doodles

By BrandNew Creative

Illustrations offer a versatile way to enhance your brand by creating a distinct visual identity, simplifying complex concepts, evoking emotions, and fostering an emotional connection with your audience. They provide a great opportunity to show off a brand’s unique personality, ultimately setting your brand apart and making it more memorable in today’s visually oriented world. Illustration styles are diverse and can range from minimalistic and clean, characterized by simple lines and limited colours, to intricate and detailed, focusing on realism and complexity.

Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in brands using fun, doodle-style illustrations. Brands are embracing this trend and showing off their playful sides. This style is appearing across brands in various sectors, and we love to see it. Above are some examples of brands that are really doing it right: WeWork by Franklyn, Urban Climb by Base Design, 13th Floor Coffee Co. by Process Play, and Going by DesignStudio.

We loved this style so much that our own Hatty Lee took a stab at some. From our team coffee mugs to our favourite local haunts, experimenting with this style was a lot of fun.

If you think illustration could add a missing piece to your brand, there are plenty of great Irish Illustrators to look out for, and illustratorsireland.com is a good place to start!