G5 Haute Cosmetiques – Brand Creation

Developing Sophisticated and Eye-catching Packaging for a New Skincare Range.


G5® Haute Cosmétiques is an Irish-based pharmaceutical company that exclusively manufactures commercially available products that contain Organic Silicon G5®. They’re considered leaders in development, design, and production of the finest gender-neutral molecular skincare products. 


Launching a new brand with our clients is a thrilling experience. When they approached us, the LLR-G5 team felt there was a gap in the market for high-end, science-backed holistic supplements and products in a field where brands such as La Prairie, La Mer, and Sisley dominate.

Our challenge was to create a new premium packaging system for each product within the new brand. We were tasked with designing the outer packaging, including sourcing suitable receptacles (such as tubs, jars and bottles) for each price point in this new range. The joint cream and cleanser required high-grade plastic containers, while the SPF, mist and MMST cream would need glass jars and bottles as well as suitable branding for each.


In order to take advantage of the gap in the market, LLR-G5 chose to develop four new products within a separate ‘G5® – Haute Cosmétiques’ range, focusing especially on the burgeoning Middle Eastern market. We were delighted to be brought in to create the packaging for this new range of products. It was critical to balance serious science with the beauty/cosmetic aesthetic, all while keeping a link to the LLR-G5 core range of products. 

We brought the ‘G5’ icon to a prominent location in the packaging as we discovered that their current audience (particularly the French) often refer to LLR-G5 as just ‘G5’. We chose to highlight the G5® logo in foil on the outer packaging and include a rectangular geometric shape that would be carried by each piece in the range to ensure consistency. 

The newest products would need to stand out from the G5® core range, so we chose black for the colour of the outer packaging, helping to  delineate it from the core range. This colour also enabled us to create distinctive photography as part of the ongoing launch campaign.