Suzie McAdam Design – Brand Refresh


Formed in 2011, Suzie McAdam Design is a progressive interior design studio providing the very best interior architecture and design services for both residential and commercial projects. The studio is known for its playful and original style, merging different eras and moments of design seamlessly. They don’t employ a ‘house style’, rather, each project is a holistic and unique journey that is a reflection of the client’s needs and the function of the architecture.

Business Challenge

Employing an ‘Endorsed Brand Architecture’, the challenge was to refine the ‘Suzie McAdam’ brand and create a distinct visual identity for a new service offering called ‘The Design Seeker‘. The new sub-brand is to incorporate subtle characteristics and associations of the parent brand ‘Suzie Mc Adam’ while preserving the uniqueness to stand alone once launched in the marketplace.


As Suzie is the driving force behind the new Design Seeker retail brand, we felt it was important to leverage the success of Suzie’s personal brand. It was vital that both brands were visually complementary and shared a similar brand architecture. We used the bee icon from the original Design Seeker branding as a starting point for both brands.


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Research Moodboards
Brand Colours for both Suzie McAdam and The Design Seeker
Suzie Mc Adam and The Design Seeker - Logo Guidelines
Suzie Mc Adam and The Design Seeker - Brand Guidelines
Suzie Mc Adam and The Design Seeker - Brand Guidelines
The Design Seeker - Brand Identity Image