Tayto Snacks

Redesigning a Corporate Website to Reflect an Iconic Irish Brand


Tayto Snacks is Ireland’s leading snack-food manufacturer, producing some of the most iconic Irish snacks, from Hunky Dory’s to King Crisps and the iconic childhood favourite: Hula Hoops. They’re committed to making the best tasting snacks and delivering a superior product to their customers.


When the team behind Tayto Snacks approached us, they required a new corporate website that would showcase its leading position in the Irish market, highlighting the portfolio of iconic brands the company has to offer. 

Tayto Snacks also desired to better communicate with customers about the significant advances they had made and continue to make in the realm of corporate social responsibility. And finally, the company sought to promote the company as a progressive and dynamic employer, which would ultimately help them to attract the best talent.

Tayto Snacks’ needs would require both visual and copywriting expertise to balance more text-heavy information with visuals of their instantly-recognisable snacks.


Due to internal roadblocks, the Tayto Snacks site hadn’t been updated since 2015, leaving it sorely lacking in all the areas the company was so keen to highlight. We undertook a full website redesign that would better communicate the Irish company’s core values and key offerings. 

To that end, we completed a full brand strategy and communications workshop to get a deep understanding of the history of the brand, its current status, and its goals for the future. This was the bedrock upon which we built the wireframe for the corporate website. The wireframe helped us visualise and develop the website functionality as we built out the various pieces of content. 

The result was a website that aligned with the Intersnack brand guidelines, showcased Tayto’s beloved products, communicated the company as one of the best employers in Ireland, and reinforced their corporate social responsibility credentials.