The Round Room – Brand Creation

Located in the heart of Dublin City, the Mansion House once served as the seat of the Irish government; today, its Round Room has been expertly restored and updated to cater for 500 modern guests.

Over their 200-year-old history, the elegant surroundings have hosted many distinguished members of society, including Pope John Paul II, Queen Victoria, and Princess Grace of Monaco.

BrandNew Creative was tasked with building an exciting, independent brand that would relaunch this unique venue into the public sphere.

As the jewel in the location’s crown, the Round Room needed to stand out from five other sister venues at the Mansion House. The new, independent brand should reflect the room’s prestigious 19th century origins and its thoroughly 21st century offering, complete with a starlit ceiling and 360° audio experience.

Our team set about building the solution: a timeless identity that acknowledged the venue’s heritage while heralding its bright future.

Inspired by the Round Room’s bicentenary, we crafted a monogram of RR. The elaborate cipher, with Celtic Revival-style curves, reflects the venue’s aristocratic origins while also paying homage to its role in the foundation of the Irish State. Acknowledging the circularity of history, the ‘R’s are interlinked to represent the strong connection between the past and the present.

Like the venue, the brand needed to be entirely flexible, so the monogram has a 180° rotational symmetry — it’s adaptable, customisable, and will work across every touchpoint. Given its broad use, we designed two versions, to remain vivid on light and dark backgrounds. The varied colour palette gives the new brand additional optionality, helping to keep it fresh, exciting, and easily integrated with sister or client identities. Much like the venue’s cutting-edge lighting system, different colour combinations can be deployed to create and complement the ambience for target audiences.

To further enhance the visual branding, we drew on black and white photographs of the Round Room during bygone eras, and contrasted them with modern stills depicting the exceptional range of the renovated venue. These included images from awards ceremonies, political conferences, and corporate celebrations, with airborne acrobatics, live music, and spectacular light displays. This elevates the brand’s value by reminding potential clients of its rich historical cachet, while also making it clear that it’s the perfect venue for leading 21st-century national and international organisations.

In summary, our team at BrandNew Creative created a strong, dynamic brand that injects a 200-year-old venue with new life — ensuring that the Round Room’s lasting legacy transitions smoothly into an exciting future.