Brand Strategy Development

Working closely with you, we’ll put together a robust, practical strategy in sync with your organisational and commercial goals. By clearly understanding your medium and long-term brand goals, we can help you meet your short-term branding or immediate needs more effectively.

Starting with a dedicated research phase, we’ll investigate industry and consumer trends and insights, positioning, brand experience, and core branding attributes. At the centre of our approach, you’ll find our BNC Brand Sprint. This qualitative, research-driven workshop is designed to thoroughly investigate your brand personality and goals using a structured tailored setting.

On completion of our process, you’ll see the results in the form of our Brand Strategy Bible – clear guidelines designed to help you navigate a route to brand success in a competitive marketplace.

Communications Strategy Development

Making a solid connection with your target audience can be a real challenge in an already busy, often cluttered marketplace. We’ll help you be true to yourself and develop a consistent way to communicate, ensuring you have a clean and crisp tone of voice to deliver your marketing message with accuracy.

Following an initial in-depth research phase, we’ll follow this up with our tailored communications workshop we call our BNC Comms Sprint. Deploying several qualitative techniques, we’ll devise a customised, workable approach to help you communicate with clarity.

After that session, you’ll receive a full report detailing our recommended marketing message and tone of voice. Along with supporting comms insights, samples will be included, providing the framework you need to deliver your marketing message with precision across all platforms consistently.

Brand Identity and Visual Design

Capturing the essence of your brand through an original, carefully conceived look-and-feel must be seen as making an essential business investment. One carefully designed identity will provide you with a cast-iron brand personality, giving your brand a platform to connect with your audience and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Through our in-depth creative process, we’ll begin by gaining a complete insight in to your business and industry sector. Our team of award-winning designers naturally combine their love for compelling artwork with the practicalities of business communications to create engaging, original work for digital and print.

From the start, we’ll work closely with you to deliver the visual style that matches your ambition and commercial goals, while seamlessly connecting with your audience.

Content Creation for Print, Digital, Web, Social

With expertise in copywriting, design, videography, illustration, and more, we’ll create the content you need to make a true, practical connection with your target audience.

If you prefer, we’ll start with a content audit. This will help us evaluate your existing content and marketing materials with you, identifying what needs focus and how we can help. However, if you already know what you need, we can also begin work on specific projects or campaigns.

Whatever it takes, we’ll produce energetic, targeted content on your behalf, ensuring your brand’s voice and personality can shine through. Providing these key services, alongside many others, allow our team at Brand New Creative to deliver unique content dedicated to reaching out and engaging your target market.


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