Food for thought. Why hire a food stylist?

If you don’t believe in magic, you’ve never watched a food stylist at work. The ability to turn any dish into the most mouthwatering thing you’ve ever seen is no easy feat. 

Food Stylist, Sally Dunne

When dealing with food photography or videography, a food stylist is your best friend. Here’s why:


Product Presentation
A food stylist ensures that the brand’s products are presented in the most appetising and visually appealing way possible, which is crucial for enticing consumers and driving sales.

Brand Consistency
By adhering to the brand’s visual guidelines and styling standards, a food stylist helps maintain consistency across all marketing materials, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.

Quality Assurance
Food stylists ensure that the food being photographed looks its best, helping to uphold the brand’s reputation for quality and excellence.

Creative Direction
Food stylists bring creativity and expertise to the photoshoot, collaborating with the creative team to achieve the desired aesthetic and effectively communicate the brand’s message.

Consumer Engagement
Well-styled food photography grabs consumers’ attention, encourages interaction with the brand’s content, and can ultimately lead to increased engagement and loyalty.


Food Styling for Carroll's of Tullamore by Erica Drum

In summary, a food stylist is instrumental in ensuring that a brand’s products are showcased as compellingly and consistently as possible, driving consumer engagement and contributing to the overall success of the photoshoot and marketing efforts. A food stylist paired with an extensive Photo Strategy Document means any food photoshoot should run efficiently and smoothly.  


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