In desperate need of some brand photography?

By BrandNew Creative

Seeking impactful brand photography? Research reveals images sprint through our minds 60,000 times faster than plain text. Visual allure captivates us online, on social media, and even in print, driving brands to wield this potent tool for building profound audience connections.

Photography for Made Personal by Al Higgins

Introducing brand photography—the cornerstone of success. Let’s explore why it’s your silent weapon:

1. Elevate Visual Identity:
Rise beyond logos, fonts, and colours. Images wield considerable influence on your brand’s visual identity. They don’t just showcase products; they showcase them with style. Brand photography crafts visuals that embody your brand’s essence—colours, mood, and placement meticulously aligned. These visuals can be spread across your website, social media, and beyond. Consider Airbnb’s site—an array of inviting images seamlessly weaving bookings into the fabric.

2. Boost Engagement:
An astounding 81% of consumers delve into digital domains for insights before buying. Striking visuals trigger curiosity, beckoning them to dive deeper. Enter brand photography—your trump card. Adorning web pages, and social feeds, it ignites engagement. Think Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—a captivating canvas with visually compelling content.

3. Infuse Relatability and Access:
Pictures are storytellers—unveiling your brand’s narrative, its tale, and the culture it embodies. Through brand photography, your brand’s essence takes tangible form. Heartwarming images exude positivity, collaboration and kindle emotional bonds. Starbucks excels at this on Instagram, inviting consumers into their journey.

Photography for Rhatigan & Hick by Sean Breithaupt

Don’t know where to begin? Engage with a branding agency that will collaborate closely with you to develop a tailored photo strategy document that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity and objectives. This document will help brief and guide your photographer, ensuring you get the perfect shots. A great photographer is also key. We like collaborating with talented photographers, as you can see in the above examples – photography for Made Personal by Al Higgins and for Rhatigan & Hick by Sean Breithaupt.

In the epoch of visual storytelling, brand photography is no longer a luxury; it’s your vital essence. Crafting a gallery that resonates, intrigues, and fosters connections is an investment in your brand’s future. As your brand charts its course, remember: Images aren’t just talkers; they sing, they move, reverberating within your audience’s core. Are you prepared to paint your brand’s story?

Check out more instances of brand photography featuring some of our fantastic clients in the gallery below.