Good things come to those that wait

Rebranding is a process of redesigning elements of the brand identity to realign your messaging and perception. This can include a new name, logo redesign, new colours, new messaging, and other core changes to the brand identity. Rebranding is not something that should be done often or lightly. However, when necessary, it can be a vital step in moving forward.

When Diamond Furniture approached us last year looking for guidance on their existing branding, we brought it back to the brand foundations and aligned it with their business goals that they had been developing for several years. While acknowledging and praising their long-standing reputation as a trusted furniture retailer in Ireland, there was no avoiding the fact that the brand had gone stale over the years and was not in sync with the long-term business plan. Utilising our Brand and Communications Sprints, we discovered that they needed to reposition themselves in the market with a new strategy and sophisticated visual identity.

To read more about the project, please click on the following project link – Diamond Furniture 

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