Amos: Who, What, Where, When, Why.


Amos – Strategist and Mediator



As Partner and Managing Director at BrandNew Creative, I’ve been nicknamed the ‘Pentium processor of the company’ for keeping things running smoothly. My role is about ensuring our team is happy, hydrated, and humming along. Regarding our projects, I’m the go-to person for managing expectations and ensuring our designs are not just pretty but rooted in a genuine and robust brand foundation.



Born in Wellington and did my studies in Auckland, New Zealand. After a bit of a journey with stops here and there, I’ve called Dublin home for over 20 years.


In my final year of high school in 1995, I felt pressured to pick a university course. Questions like “What do I actually want to do for a living?”, “What fits my personality and interests and won’t burn me out in a few decades?” were constantly on my mind. Fast forward four years, I entered the working world with a Bachelor of Business Degree in Advertising & Marketing. 

My career path took me on some pretty cool international adventures, working with TV3 in New Zealand and then Young & Rubicam (now MEC Global) in London in the early 2000s. Eventually, I made my way to Dublin, where I joined an up-and-coming luxury wood interiors company called Ebony and Co. Over the next 14 years working alongside David, I soaked up tons of experience, learned a lot, and went on more international escapades. New York to Moscow, Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Geneva. Then, in 2014, David and I decided to take his freelance design gig to the next level. We wanted to turn it into a fully-fledged branding and design agency – BrandNew Creative 2.0. And that’s precisely what we did.



Having seen both sides of the agency and client world, I’ve come to understand something pretty important: despite having a bit of a creative streak, I’m not cut out to be a designer—a fact David likes to remind me of now and then. What really gets me going is diving deep into analysis and critical thinking. I love piecing together the puzzle of how business, brand, design, and the target audience all connect, focusing on the whys and hows that drive success. 

What motivates me these days is the goal of doing ‘Great Work for Great People’. I thrive on teaming up with innovative and passionate folks in business and creative roles to devise solutions that ignite a spark, provide clear direction, add value, and lead to success.

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