Doing great work for great people…for more than 20 years

By David Lawlor

David Lawlor and Amos Unkovich have worked with more than their fair share of great people over the years. Both have more than 20 years’ experience in branding and both bring different, essential ingredients to every BrandNew Creative project.

After learning his trade on the agency circuit after graduation, David escaped the conformism of that world and went freelance in 2004, working with and advising ambitious companies for more than ten years with originality and precision. On one of those assignments, around that time, he began work with a new client, and collaborated very successfully with their Marketing & Operations Director from New Zealand, who had strong views on client services and high standards. (That’s Amos by the way).

Collaboration drives creativity

For years, David had often seen how the larger agency let clients take a back seat, and the project then naturally fails to accurately capture the insider knowledge and character that every brand already has. Amos, as a seasoned project manager who had experience on both sides, has always seen his role as involving the client in the process as much as possible. As they argued positions over numerous lunches, a train of thought was developing.

Too often, they had both seen underdeveloped brands not meet their potential and ultimately fade away, often lacking in solid brand foundations and originality. This was something they could fix together…so fast forward to 2016 and Amos joined David at BrandNew Creative.

They still argue but more importantly they continue to produce some of Ireland’s most exciting and intuitive branding and identity projects for both big, and boutique brands.