Hatty: Who, What, Where, When, Why.

By Hatty Lee


Hatty 혜리



Studied visual communication design at a university for 4 years and worked in both design studio and in-house in Seoul. I have a wide range of tastes, but I love the elegant and simple beauty of traditional Korean art the most. I would love to work on a project that captures the beauty of Korea here one day (feel free to contact me :3). I love things that don’t have a specific use but are beautiful just to look at.



Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Growing up loving Korea but always being curious and excited about experiencing other countries’ cultures led me to Ireland. I think I was influenced by my parents, who spent part of their youth in Canada and Australia.


I came to Dublin in March this year and joined BrandNew Creative in April.



From a young age, I’ve always been observant, noticing and remembering things like someone/something’s behaviour, personality, and visuals more than others. I’ve also always wondered why and what it means.

I also kept a record of the things that enriched my eyes and mind in my everyday life. For more than 15 years now, I’ve been a recorder of diaries, blogs, drawings, photographs, and videos. These habits of life have served me well as a brand designer.

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